Platform Features

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  • Your services

    The BOK platform helps you create a professional and attractive menu of services that you provide. After designing and configuring your booking website, the menu will look something like this:

    During the process of customizing your service menu, you can use the following tools:

    Free or Paid services

    When adding a new service, you can choose its type: free or paid one. Once you choose paid services, it is required to set the price that your customers will need to pay. Free ones do not mean to charge a fee and can be used for various marketing promotions.

    Price options

    With the BOK platform, you can customize the price as you need it. If your service does not have variations for which you need to set different prices, then you can simply set a single price. Otherwise, you can specify a different price for different variants of the same service.


    Another thing to consider when designing your menu is the number of available bookings. To avoid getting screwed up, you can set a limit on what you can provide. If you understand that you have enough capabilities to satisfy all your customers with this service, you can sell without any limitations!

  • Receiving Bookings
  • In your location
  • In client location
  • Remote bookings
  • Calendar customisation
  • Multiple calendars support
  • Custom Booking data
  • Website Builder
  • Booking widget
  • Mobile App
  • Payment methods
  • Discount codes
  • Loyalty program
  • Users
  • API

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