Booking system for doctors!

Start accepting bookings from patients in 5 minutes!

Being a doctor is a very hard and important job. After many years of learning how to be a great doctor why waste time on learning how to build a booking website. Our system helps connecting patients with doctors in a smart and modern way by giving them a booking software!

Perfect solution for doctors!

Configuration will not take more than 20 minutes!

Booking website is ready immidiately after registration!

You have a template of your website immidiately after registration. All you have to do is to customize it a bit by adding your services, domain name and payment methods! After these simple steps, it will look as attractive as this one:

Booking widget!

Many doctors are following trends and already have their own websites with some information about the services that they provide. However, most of them are not equipped with booking possibilities. We took care of it! You can integrate our booking widget to your existing website. It is as simple as copying and pasting several lines of code. After that, just configure your services and use our system or mobile application to process bookings from your clients.

Create and customize your own work calendar!

Working hours and time ranges

You can easily modify your calendar and make it work the way you need. You can set specific working hours and define the time periods between slots. For example, you can configure the system in a way that it will be possible to make a booking for every 2 hours between 9.00-17.00.

Closed days and days off

You can also specify closed days or days off and calendar will not allow clients to book anything at these dates.

Slots limit

It is obvious that client can book an appointment at specific time and after that the booked slot should become unavailable but what if you run a private clinic with several doctors who are ready to perform the same service at the same time? Exactly for this purpose you can set slots limit! You can set the limit for example to 5 and clients will be able to book the same service at the same time 5 times.

Custom booking data

Need to know some specific information about the patient or their desease before the actual visit? No worries, you can define some custom booking data that needs to be filled in before making a booking.

Free bookings

Sometimes it might be unechical for a doctor to take an upfront payment for a visit before even getting acquinted with a patient problem. Exactly because of this, we introduced free booking possibility!

Video consultations

It is becoming more and more popular for doctors to provide some consulation services online. Our booking software is perfectly suited for this! With it help you can provide your services online!

Receive orders in a mobile application!

Be even more flexible and use our mobile application in order to process bookings from your patients. You can invite to the system your other employees doctors and all of them will receive a unique access code to the mobile application. They will not see all the bookings but only those from services that are attached to their calendar!

Accept clients in your place or come to them!

You have two possible ways to serve services to your customers: in your location or in client location. If you choose to provide services in your location, clients will simply come directly to your place. However, you also have a possibility to configure the system in a way which allows you to serve services to clients on their location. You can define your operational zones on a map and even define a transportation price which your client need to pay!

Let your clients pay cashless!

Booking system supplied by Bok is integrated with quick online payments. Thanks to this, you will earn even more customers as more and more people nowadays prefer cashless transactions. Let customers pay for services digitally using integrations with the most popular payment methods - PayPal, Stripe, Square and others.

Give benefits to your loyal customers!

Marketing promotions can become the main driving force to increase the amount of bookings coming from your booking website. Bok offers a set of different marketing tool which can be used by you to encourage your loyal customers as discount codes, loyalty program, deals and more!

Easy step-by-step setup!

Configure your system and start accepting bookings!

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  1. 1

    Configure your services

    Add all your services to the website. Customize them by adding beautiful pictures, description and prices

  2. 2

    Choose how to serve services

    You can serve your services in your location, in client location or online. Choose yourself how you want to do it!

  3. 3

    Add payment methods

    It is possible to connect multiple payment methods to satisfy the needs of your customers icluding different online payment methods!

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