Getting started with BOK

Learn how to get started with your own booking website and begin to appoint visits within 5 minutes

With the help of the BOK platform you can start selling your services on your own booking website in just few minutes. Use the steps below so that your guests can easily book online, and you can easily manage your reservations.

1. Create BOK account

You can create account in BOK absolutely for free and use it up to 10 monthly orders and offers. You don’t need any technical knowledge in order to configure your own booking website! Just follow the simple steps in the registration wizard. Create a free account.

2. Choose the type of bookings

Then you need to decide what kind of bookings you want to deal with: free or paid ones. Once you choose paid services, it is required to set the price that your customers will need to pay.

Free ones do not mean charging a fee and can be used for various marketing promotions.

3. Add your services

Now it is time to add your first offer on a new website! Our built-in service builder will help you to convey the unique value of each service. You can write attractive descriptions, configure variations, different price options, upload attractive pictures and much more! Learn more about service management here.

4. Define the way of service provision

Our platform allows you to choose the way you prodive your services. You have 3 options to choose from: provide services in your location, in client location or do it via protected video chat room. The first type of reservation is intended for the provision of services in the location of your choice. To do this, you just need to indicate your address and clients will need to come there at the selected time for the provision of the service.

The second one allows you to deliver your services to the client's location. This feature will make your business more customer-oriented, and thereby increase the quality of your services and sales. To determine the area in which you are ready to provide your services, you can either sellect several postcodes/cities or choose an area on the map.

You can also provide your services remotely thanks to the BOK and VLI integration. VLI platform is designed to create video chat rooms using SSL protection and peer-to-peer connections. To set up the integration, you need to register at VLI and connect it with your BOK account.

After connecting your BOK and VLI accounts, you will be able to provide services to your clients in an online meeting format. After booking a service, customers will receive a link to enter the video chat room. You can use your microphone and webcam, as well as demonstrate them your screen.

5. Install mobile apps

Our mobile app provides you the most convenient way to receive and process incoming reservations! You can donwload both IOS and Android

After installation, all you need to do is to enter an access code which can be found in your profile. You can use our mobile absolutely for free. Learn more about how to manage orders in the mobile app here.

6. Start receiving bookings

Congratulations! You finished the initial set up of your system. Now your clients can easily make a reservation on your website and you can process them with the help of our web or mobile application! Learn more about order management here.

What's next?

Set up online payments
Set up remote bookings
Set up booking widget
Set up promotions
Set up loyalty program

Build your booking website

use it for free for up to 10 monthly orders and offers

Start building it now!