Platform Features

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  • Your services
  • Receiving Bookings
  • In your location
  • In client location
  • Remote bookings
  • Calendar customisation

    Using the BOK platform you can customize your calendar the way you need it. To do this, you have simple tools:

    Define working days

    You can customize your schedule by choosing the days of the week as well as the hours you work. At the same time, your client will be able to make reservations for the specified time range.

    Define days off

    You can also specify the days on which you do not work. You have 2 options to choose from: choose specific days of the week or define dates in the calendar. Wherein, customers will not be able to book your services on that date.

    Limit your slots

    We understand that sometimes it is very difficult to serve all customers at the same time, that is why you can set limits on booking slots. After reaching the limit, this time will no longer be available.

    Define time between visits

    In order to make your work as efficient as possible, you can define the time between visits. This will help you avoid situations where the next client will arrive exactly when the previous one leaves.

  • Multiple calendars support
  • Custom Booking data
  • Website Builder
  • Booking widget
  • Mobile App
  • Payment methods
  • Discount codes
  • Loyalty program
  • Users
  • API

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