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Build your booking page or add widget to your existing website

Don't have a website? Build one here. If you already have it just add booking widget

Booking website

You can build a dedicated booking website under your brand and domain. You can customize it as you like. It's fully white label, we remove ourselves everywhere.

Booking widget

If you have a website simply copy and paste the generated code. The booking widget apears on your website. Customize colors to match your website.


If you want, you can create your own marketplace and unite companies or people of different skills and professions at your booking website.

Booking calendar

Let your clients choose available date and time and book the visit in advance


Let your clients pay for the visit upfront, to protect your best interest

Remote bookings

Arrange remote video conferences in a protected video-chat room

We support all types of bookings

In your location

This type of reservation is intended for the provision of services in the location of your choice.

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In client location

The BOK platform allows you to deliver your services to the client's location.

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Video rooms (remote)

You can provide your services remotely in a protected video chat room.

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Booking under your brand and domain

Check out an example here:

You also can add a booking widget to your website

Check out an example here: widget

Booking management system

Access your bookings from your phone or tablet without directly logging on to your computer. Use it at your location. You will also save on paper and improve your eco-friendly credentials!


Built-in marketing solution

Start your business promotional campaign


You can build discount codes for whole orders or specified items from your offer. This can help to bring more clients.


Create special links for your partners and pay them commissions for bringing orders from new clients.


Integrate your order system with Google or Facebook ads and build successful ad campaigns. Add special tags to increase your SEO.


Prepare a marketing newsletter with recent promotions or important information and send it to all your clients.

Loyalty points

Enable your customers to collect points for each reservation and then use them to get a discount at your website.


Decorate your page with a beautiful marketing banner that your clients will see once they visit your website.

Build your booking website

use it for free for up to 10 monthly orders and offers

Start building it now!