Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

  • Your services

    You can build an attractive booking page listing all services you want to offer to clients. Immidiately after entering your booking page, clients will see a list of provided services and can book anything they want.

    Clients can also click on each service in order to get more detailed information about provided service, price options or any other information you consider to be important.

    It is imperative to guarantee the quality of your services. That's why all your offers can be served under your domain and your brand. Your logotype and the name will be clearly present on the page. Clients will see that you are professionals with high quality standards.

    Change logotype, colors of your page

    Add beautiful marketing banners

    Add photos, videos, descriptions

    In addition to a great description, you can also display suggested services to your clients. Why not to offer a beard trim in addition to a haircut? This will increase the value of the entire booking.

  • Bookings

    Our platform is primarily used for collecting and processing bookings. Therefore, the customer experience is very important. Your clients can choose a service they want to book from simple and intuitive list.

    Then they can select any available date from the calendar and when they are ready they can check out.

    Your customers will need to provide booking details such as contact information.

    Then they can choose one of the payment methods that you’ve provided and place a booking.

    After booking, they will receive an email or SMS (if you have chosen this option) with information about the status of the booking. Each message will contain a link where customers can check an appointment time and status.

    Once you’ve logged into the system or mobile app, you will have access to the booking list with all the details. You can work with your booking list, check payment statuses and update booking statuses. Each time you update the status of a booking, the customer will receive a notification by email or text message.

  • Free and paid bookings

    BOK platform allows you to choose the type of your bookings - free or paid ones. You can use paid bookings if you want to get paid for your services. To do this, you need to set a price and choose the payment methods that suit you. Free bookings can be used if you provide your services without any payment.

    The type of service can be selected in a service builder when creating an offer.

    If you choose paid bookings, you will need to enter the price for your service. After making a booking, your customers will see a list of available payment methods for the service provided.

    If you choose free bookings, you do not need to specify the price. Your customers will be able to book the service without paying.

  • Remote bookings

    Thanks to BOK and VLI integration, you can provide your services remotely. VLI platform is designed to create video chat rooms using SSL protection and peer-to-peer connections. To set up the integration, you need to register at VLI and connect it with your BOK account.

    After connecting your BOK and VLI accounts, you will be able to provide services to your clients in an online meeting format. After booking a service, customers will receive a link to enter the video chat room. You can use your microphone and webcam, as well as demonstrate them your screen.

  • Booking widget

    If you already have a website, you can integrate our booking widget to it. It is as simple as copying and pasting several lines of code.

    After that, just configure the list of your services and use our system or mobile application to process bookings from your clients.

  • Mobile app

    Make your business even more flexible and use our mobile application in order to process bookings from your clients. Get a booking list, check all the details and see your workload in comfortable calendar.

    Manage your existing services and create new ones. Add custom bookings when a client calls you by phone. If you also provide your services in client's location, you will be able to see all bookings on the map and easily navigate to the right place.

  • Service builder

    In order to launch your new online booking business, you should add at least one service to your list. It can be done simply with a click of a button.

    In the beginning, just specify a service name, choose service length and write an attractive description.

    Later, you will need to define a price for your service. It can be just a single price or multiple price option. You can use multiple prices, for example, depending on the length of hair.

    At the very end, choose a great photo, define a category for your service and you are ready to go. However, as you can see, we also have some advanced options. In order to learn how to use them check our wikipedia

  • Calendars

    You can effectively manage your bookings with the help of a built-in calendar. See all bookings slots divided by days and hours. Quickly get all the booking details and ensure high-quality services for your clients.

    You also have an option to create multiple calendars and attach them to different products.

    If you want, you can also attach separate calendars to each of your employees in order to create personalized schedules. They will get access to their own schedules in mobile app and will be able to effectively manage their time.

  • Service delivery

    You have two possible options for delivering your services: In client location and in your location. You decide how you want to offer your services.

    If you use delivery to client location, you can easily set costs of personal visit based on postal codes or cities.

    You also can define prices based on areas selected on a map. Select areas, for example, inside one city and define different costs of personal visit for them. This will allow you to strategically target certain locations.

    Anyone browsing your booking page can quickly and easily check whether you provide services in their location.

  • Payments

    You have a wide choice of payment methods that you can provide to your customers including payment by cash, card upon delivery and different online payment methods such as Paypal or Stripe.

  • Marketing

    Our system offers a set of unique marketing options which can help you to attract new cutomers. First of all, you can create beautiful marketing baners which will immidiately gain the attention of a visitor.

    You can also benefit from our popup feature. You can place there information about current discounts and promotions and everyone who visits your page will see it.

    Our built-in statistics module will help you to analyze all booking activity and prepare a set of marketing actions based on this information.

  • Discounts

    Our system supports different options for promotion. You can create promotional codes and pass them to clients in your marketing activities. Customers then can use this code when placing a booking.

    Clients will receive a discount on the terms you specified when creating a promotion. They will see the discount in their basket in an accessible and visible form.

    Creating a promotion is very simple but also very customisable. You can specify the name of the code and whether it will apply to the entire booking or a specific service

    You can then define whether the code can be used once or several times, and whether it has an upper limit or can be reused. Each promotion can be calculated by an amount or percentage and be limited to a certain booking size.

    Your clients can also benefit from our 'Deals' feature which allows to configure an automatic discount based on a cart value.

  • Affiliates

    Thanks to the affiliate program integrated to our system, you can include other entities in the promotion of your business. By adding a partner, you generate a special link that can be passed to potential cutomers by your partners.

    Our system counts the number of customers and calculates the commission on completed bookings. By adding an affiliate link, you can define the commission value and the time for the commission arrangements to remain in force. After the indicated time, commissions will no longer be charged.

  • Printing

    Our system allows you to print an appointment summary. This can help you to effectively manage bookings placed by your clients. You can print a summary of a booking from the booking card in a web version or from our mobile application

    You can print two types of documents: appointment summary and voucher

    Apointment summary is a single-page summary with all important information about a booking. If you need something more sophisticated you can print an appointment voucher.

  • Appearence

    Change the colors of your booking website and make them alligned with your corporate brand and colors.

    Our system is very flexible and we invite you to be really creative in terms of choosing colors and design for your online booking page and remember that you can always go back to default colors.

  • Private

    Our system allows you to work in private mode. Every customer who wants to take advantage of your offer will have to register an account first.

    They will have access to your services only after obtaining the appropriate verification.

    A private booking page can be very useful in certain situations. For example when an offer is directed only to a specific group of people

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