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The era of digitalization dictates new conditions. An online booking system has already become a must. This is due not only to the fact that maintaining a booking website significantly simplifies the work of business owners, but also to the changing behavior of customers. Nowadays people lack patience especially when they wait to get an appointment to meet a doctor or a lawyer or any other specialist. The main thing they care about is to fix up an appointment and then get the service at the appointed time. This is really a time-consuming process if you do it manually.

If you are determined to optimize your business without high costs, then the choice in favor of an already existing web-based booking system, such as, is the most preferable.

In order to use the system, you do not need to know even the basics of coding. The system is as easy to use as possible. Before you start working with orders, you need to add all the offers, marking them with unique names. To attract the attention of customers, you can add photos and descriptions, where you can specify all the information that you consider important. The same service can have several varieties and prices. By the way, you are also completely free to choose your pricing strategy and payment methods that you are ready to provide to your customers. They can include both cash and non-cash payments.

Another advantage of the system is that you can not only accept booking at the place of work, but also provide services at the location of the client. The built-in map will help you navigate and meet the client on time. Take into account that all the functions of the system are available in mobile mode.

When the basic settings are completed, you can continue to work on the design of the site. At the same time, as soon as at least one service is added, your customers can already make reservations. Built-in calendars help your customers choose the most appropriate available time and date. As the system also provides a function of creating several personalized calendars, each of your employees can personally monitor their schedules.

In order to encourage your loyal customers, as well as increase your customer base, we recommend setting up a discount system. You can create promo codes for certain services, as well as for the total summary. If you want to restrict access to your lucrative offers, you can you can then define whether the code can be used once or several times, and whether it has an upper limit or can be reused.

Colorful banners and popups will help you spread hot offers and favorable prices. In order to increase your brand awareness, you can also integrate the automatically generated widget code into existing sites. The widget will reflect all the information, but in a compact form. In the process of working with your site, you will also learn how to attract partners to your promotion through affiliate programs.

Thus, by discovering the possibilities of the website, you save not only improve the business, but also save your time and the time of your customers.

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