Booking system for rentals!

Today, the vehicle rental market is led by large companies with a huge number of vehicles. Small companies are sidelined as they are not able to compete with the biggest players. Therefore, such companies need to gain a competitive edge and have their own website. Our system helps these companies in a smart and modern way by giving them booking software! Start accepting bookings from clients in 5 minutes!

Perfect solution for rentiers and landlords!

Configuration will not take more than 20 minutes!

Booking website is ready immidiately after registration!

You have a template of your website immidiately after registration. All you have to do is to customize it a bit by adding your services, domain name and payment methods! After these simple steps, it will look as attractive as this one:

Service customization

In order to diversify your services and thus increase the attractiveness of your website, you have the possibility to include various add-ons and combos to your main service. Your customers will additionally be able to choose extra navigation, a heated steering wheel, or an additional child seat! At the same time, these add-ons can be both paid and free, and their choice can be limited as you need it.

Photo and description

There is no need to explain the importance of a professional product description: a good marketing description will help get the customer interested in renting your product, and high-quality photos will only reinforce that.

Price options

Using the Bok platform, you can customize the price to suit your needs. You choose if your service is just one price variant or if you need more. You can also propose free add-ons, making the final price unchanged.

Additional pages

If you want, you can create additional pages with content of your choice. You can tell your customers the story of how your business came to be, suggest the most interesting bike trails in the area, or describe in more detail the products you rent. Make them interesting stories and make your customers feel taken care of!

Booking widget!

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are following the trends and already have their own websites with information about their services. Not all of them are equipped with the possibility of booking. We have taken care of that! You can integrate our booking widget into your existing website. It's as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code. Create it, by adding the services you offer and use our system or mobile app to process bookings from your customers.

Create and customize your own work calendar!
Working hours and time ranges

You can easily modify your calendar and make it work the way you need it. You can set specific working hours and define the time periods between slots. For example, you can configure the system in a way that it will be possible to make a booking for every 2 hours between 9.00-17.00.

Closed days and days off

You can also specify closed days or holidays, and the system will not allow customers to book anything on those dates.

Custom booking data

If you need additional customer information, you can add a new mandatory field to be completed at the time of booking.

Receive orders in a mobile application!

Make your business more flexible and use our mobile application to process your bookings. You can invite your employees to the system and each of them will receive a unique access code for the mobile app. They will not see all the bookings, but only those of the services that are assigned to their calendar!

Let your clients pay cashless!

Bok booking system, is integrated with quick online payments. This will help you gain even more customers as more and more people prefer cashless transactions these days. Let your customers pay for your services online thanks to integrations with the most popular payment methods - PayPal, Stripe, Square, and others.

Give benefits to your loyal customers!

Marketing promotions can become the main driving force to increase the number of bookings coming from your website. Bok offers a set of different marketing tools which can be used by you to encourage your loyal customers - discount codes, loyalty programs, deals, and more!

Easy step-by-step setup!

Configure your system and start accepting bookings!

Configure your services

Enter all the services you provide into the system. Don't forget their descriptions and, if needed, photos.

Add payment methods

It is possible to connect multiple payment methods to satisfy the needs of your customers icluding different online payment methods!

Start receiving reservations

Receive notifications of incoming bookings via the web version, mobile application, or add them manually.

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